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NTNA to hold block Party on 9/18

Save the Date! NTNA is planning a block party brunch and mandala touch-up on September 18th. The brunch potluck will be themed “Sweet and Savory.” We’ll also be touching up the neighborhood mandala at 53rd & Everett, so wear clothes to paint in. If you’d like to help plan the party, send a note to 

Three citywide land use related notifications

SE Uplift received the following three land use related notifications that apply to all neighborhoods: Planning and Sustainability Commission Meeting Agenda for August 23: PSC AgendaFossil Fuel Terminal Zoning Amendments Notification: Fossil Fuel Terminal Zoning AmendmentsMass Shelters and Housing Zoning Code Update Notification: Notice of Mass Shelters & Housing Zoning Code Update

“Seismically Upgraded Multifamily Dispersed Density” concept materials

Terry, our Transportation & Land Use Chair, has expanded his materials for the “Seismically Upgraded Multifamily Dispersed Density” concept as presented at the last T&LU subcommittee meeting. They are available for review here: R1.5-the Missing Middle SEUL v2 Northb Tabor aug lutc amended Questions and comments can be sent to