Is in-fill out of control?

Is in-fill out of control?

The recent purchase by Portland City Homes of a lot on NE 57th containing an older wooden cottage and mature magnolia tree has alerted many North Tabor residents to the fact that, in the name of preventing sprawl, our neighborhood is slated for a slow process of destruction by rapacious developers taking advantage of Portland’s zoning ordinances and a rebound in the housing market. The developer plans to demolish the cottage, cut down the tree, and put up three separate units that could be as tall as 40 feet. This is but the latest assault on the character and quality of life of North Tabor.
We can do something! Let’s get together and study the Portland Master Plan and the specific zoning ordinances relating to North Tabor. Let’s also talk about a vision of development that would allow for in-fill while also respecting the needs of our community.

Pot Luck!!
Where: my house, 221 NE 58th (the one with the big cherry tree, which would be a good place for a three-story condo, wouldn’t it?)
When: Sunday, March 3, 5:00 pm
RSVP Gabe and Nina (503) 233-4639
(submitted by Gabe Frayne)


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