Providence Parking Lot Project: May 28-July 31

Providence Parking Lot Project: May 28-July 31

ProvAt the May 1st Good Neighbor Standing Committee meeting, Providence passed along information about their next land use project on campus so neighbors could be prepared. Starting May 20th through July 31st, Providence will be making upgrades to their storm system and landscaping in the parking lots in front of the Emergency Department and east of the medical office building at 52nd Avenue. Work will be done between 7am and 3:30pm Monday through Friday. The 49th Ave entrance will remain open for pick ups and drop offs at the Emergency Department and access to the parking garages. The Cancer Center entrance will not be affected. Neighbors can expect noise and smells as parking lots are resurfaced.

If you have any complaints for Providence, use the complaint line: 503-215-0615. It is a recording that is checked every morning. If your complaint involves a car, the security manager has asked that we provide the car color, license plate number, where the car is parked, and where the driver walked, if noted. All of that information can help Providence track down the employee and help them to be good neighbors.

Standing Committee members from Providence had not been aware that the I-84 resurfacing project would be happening simultaneously in the month of July. Thanks to an update from North Tabor, they are better prepared to address these parking lot projects in the context of potentially higher volumes of diverted highway traffic on Glisan Street.


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