Monthly Archives: June 2013

Suggestions for a free or low-cost meeting space with a kitchen?

Cary writes: “I am a volunteer for Eastside Village PDX, a small nonprofit in eastside Portland. We need a meeting space to hold 20-30 people. Ideally, it should have a kitchen and be free/cheap. It’s for a nonprofit with a mission to help seniors age in place. Any ideas?” If you have a suggestion for

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Referrals for yard cleanup?

Can anyone help with a referral for yard cleanup? We received this request as a comment to the website over the weekend. Please leave a comment here or send an e-mail to “My wife and I, who live in Seattle, recently decided to sell our North Tabor duplex behind Fred Meyer. We are hoping

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NEWSFLASH: Señor Julio is home!

Great news just a few hours ago: “Señor was found tonight!!! He’s half his weight and has a pretty mangled paw and half mangled back leg but is amazingly intact! He was found by a neighbor I had left a flyer with just 2 blocks away. No idea how he survived!”

Desperately Seeking Señor Julio!

Señor Julio was let outside his home on NE 52nd the evening of May 22nd, 2013, and never came home. He is approximately 10 years old, short haired, all black with snow white whiskers and a notched ear. He is a BIG guy, over 16 pounds when last weighed. He was wearing a green and

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Letter to the Editor: New Parks not New Junk

Thank you for the excellent North Tabor News for June/July. Where does the funding for this paper come from? I just read the articles about the mural project, and infilling. The mural project article says “Unlike most coalition neighborhoods, North Tabor does not have a park, library or school within their boundaries.” And the article

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