Letter to the Editor: New Parks not New Junk

Letter to the Editor: New Parks not New Junk

Thank you for the excellent North Tabor News for June/July. Where does the funding for this paper come from?


I just read the articles about the mural project, and infilling. The mural project article says “Unlike most coalition neighborhoods, North Tabor does not have a park, library or school within their boundaries.” And the article on infilling says, “…developers pay systems development charges on the order of $10,000 per unit that result in direct investments in parks, transportation, and stormwater facilities — each bureau assesses their own charge. … parks charges over $5,000 per new unit for new and improved parks.”

A friend who lives near April Hill Park says excessive new signs are being put in that uglify the park, and a boardwalk is planned which the park does not need. It would be better to use the unit fees for NEW PARKS than “developing” beautiful park areas with excessive structures that have no relation to the animals, plants, views of the sky and water, and Nature in general.
– Marian Drake


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