Agenda for December 17 board meeting

Agenda for December 17 board meeting

Dec 17 Agenda (Terry as Chair) 6:30 to 8:30
North Tabor Neighborhood Association
5600 NE Glisan
1) Approve Nov. minutes/ normal beginning activities (including approving August and November minutes)
2) Quick report back on Transportation/ Land Use Committee (leave discussion of land use Ap until end)
3) set round robin monthly chairing schedule
4) vote in annual Providence GNA members (we have to vote them in annually and have room for two regular and two alternates.)
5) message board money allocation request (Cathy)
6) Plan board retreat for before Jan Meeting (Ashe can not make the meeting, we should pay attention to time…everyone should bring ideas to the floor )
7) Discussion of possible other meeting locations (Krys 5 minutes)
8) Reimbursement for Poster Land Use Zoning Map if needed. (Terry)
9) Comprehensive Map Ap explanation (Terry) discussion and comments. This will be the main point of the meeting, so we should pay attention to time. We will need a laptop with internet access. Ashe does not have a projector available. If we can not acquire one I will have a poster sized zoning map of our neighborhood printed (which is pretty cheap) so we will have one for long term use.


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