Land Use & Transportation Meeting Agenda: Tuesday, February 4

ShellTrafficNorth Tabor Land Use and Transportation Committee Meeting
Tuesday February 4, 6:30-8pm, Glisan Fred Meyer Starbucks (6615 NE Glisan). All interested North Tabor residents and business people are welcome to attend

1. Discuss how these committee meeting are run (location, facilitation, note taking, timekeeping) – Beth, 10 min

2. Comprehensive Plan Letter – getting support from other neighborhood associations, businesses – Beth 15 min

3. Sidewalk grant – update on info gathered – Terry, Niko? – 15 min

4. Review draft letter to Metro, re: 60th Street MAX station project in Regional Transportation Plan – Beth 15 min

5. Glisan business association coordination with Montavilla Neighborhood Association – Beth 15 min

6. Writing a letter of statement of support to the city for the 64th street crossing of Division to Mount Tabor Park – Terry 10 min

7. Explanation of how the Columbia River Crossing will effect our neighborhood and writing a statement against (if this thing seems like it is moving) – Terry 10 min

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