NTNA Land Use / Transportation Agenda: Tuesday, March 4

NTNA Land Use / Transportation Agenda: Tuesday, March 4

ShellTrafficNorth Tabor Neighborhood Association Land Use and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda All from North Tabor are welcome to attend Tuesday, March 4th, 6:30-8pm, Starbucks at Glisan Fred Meyer

1. Update on Draft 60th MAX Station Letter to Portland Bureau of Transportation (Beth, 15 minutes) – review next steps and how February 20 meeting went with Rose City Park Neighborhood Association to jointly write a letter requesting federal funding be prioritized to make pedestrian improvements near the 60th Ave MAX station.

2. Glisan street improvement project (Beth, 20 minutes) – review Montavilla Neighborhood Association’s initial plan to improve safety and livability for Glisan, discuss ideas on how to begin an initial assessment for Glisan within North Tabor’s boundaries.

3. CURBS outreach – (Terry, 30 minutes) – a discussion about what to do to get as much community attendance as possible at our General meeting and PBOT presentation next month, specifically targeting the group Citizens United Rebuilding Burnside Safely (CURBS) and what we need to do to mobilize and gain support.

4. General updates


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