Providence Transportation Work Group: January draft minutes

Providence Transportation Work Group: January draft minutes

ProvDraft minutes from the January 8, 2014 Transportation Working Group (TWG) of the Providence Portland Medical Center (PPMC) /Laurelhurst NA /North Tabor NA Good Neighbor Agreement Standing Committee (GNA)

Attendees: Jim Parker, Jim Edelson, Terry Dublinski, Cary Hixon, Bill Hamilton, Ryan Sexton, Gail Morris, Dave Bodine

After discussion of next steps for TWG, it was decided by the agreement of all present (but with Dave Bodine abstaining), that Jim Edelson and Jim Parker will draft a letter to the GNA, and through the GNA, to PPMC.

The letter will ask PPMC to respond—in person at the next meeting of the TWG and in written memo—to these questions, all of which come out of the Bureau of Development Services (BDS) Hearings Officer’s approval of the 2012 Conditional Use Master Plan (CUMP):

1. Who at PPMC is charged with implementing the CUMP Hearing Officer’s decision and with working the neighborhood associations to promote transportation components of neighborhood livability and health and ecological responsibility?

2. What is PPMC’s goal for SOV (single occupancy vehicle) reduction in each of the next ten years of the current CUMP?

3. How does PPMC intend to gather information on the SOV rate during these years?

4. What strategies is Providence (PPMC) preparing to discuss with the Portland Bureau of Transportation Options group for achieving SOV reductions?

5. Does PPMC intend to improve its website and internal communications to employees in regard to existing strategies for reducing SOVs?

Dave Bodine will ask Krista Farnham and Jean Marks to put Terry Dublinski on the agenda of the February 6 meeting of the GNA Standing Committee so that Terry can outline a communications strategy that could be implemented immediately to reduce SOVs. (Note: Just in case of need, could the projection equipment be set up for use?)

Dave Bodine will identify a person from PPMC to attend the February 6 meeting of the TWG and address the issue of PPMC shuttles and their routes.

Bill Hamilton will do some research on possible solutions to the problem of on-street parking—permits, diversions, for example.

Ryan Sexton will look into the matter of Glisan street crosswalks.


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  1. The next meeting of the Providence GNA Transportation Work Group is this Thursday, February 13 at 7pm. Meeting location is 5520 NE Glisan.

  2. Thanks for this good report. I really appreciate the way the writer has spelled out what the acronyms stand for, then put the acronym in parentheses. This is very clear and helpful.

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