UPDATED NTNA Board Meeting Agenda: Tuesday, Feb. 18

UPDATED NTNA Board Meeting Agenda: Tuesday, Feb. 18

meeting sign February 18, 2014, 6:30-8:30PM 5600 NE Glisan All are welcome. 1. Introductions and review agenda (5 minutes) 2. Approve January Meeting minutes (5 minutes) [Gail] 3. What to include in NTNA monthly meetings (5 minutes) [Krys] – quick updates from all committees and projects 4. Land Use/transportation updates (10 minutes) [Beth/Terry] 5. Endorsement of 60th Ave MAX Station Letter to PBOT from NTNA Board (10 minutes) [Beth] 6. Issue a Statement regarding the NTNA possition on the CRC (10 minutes) [Terry] 7. Providence Good Neighbour update (5 minutes) [Krys/Cary] 8. Treasury Update (5 minutes) [Krys] 9. Friends of Mt Tabor Park Weed Warriors Programme – Mary Kinnick (15 minutes) [Krys] 10. North Tabor open group for Facebook update (5 minutes) [Dana] 11. Update/Discussion regarding NorthTabor.org (15 minutes) [Krys] – Cathy RE: moving web hosting from GoDaddy to Canvas Dreams 12. Request for advertising funds (10 minutes) [Terry] – March General Membership meeting on Burnside 13. Fill out Communicaton Funds Forms for SEUL (15 minutes) [Krys] 14. Discuss/Set New Chair Rotation for future meetings (5 minutes) [Krys] Dismiss and Socialize


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