Salvage update: showing scheduled at 315 NE 57th, Monday, August 11 at noon

front From Terry regarding salvage at 315 NE 57th: “The Developer that worked with us to salvage the last house, is letting us do the same thing for the neighboring house. So, if anyone wants to salvage materials from the next demolition [315 NE 57th], next week is the time.

We will have a showing at noon on Monday August 11th, NOON.

315 NE 57th

First come, first serve but the non-profits of NorthStar and the Architectural Heritage Center will be taking a few things. We should have access to the house most of the work week at least. Someone NEEDS to take the mantle and bay window.

We also had a very informative informational session with the developer. If anyone want to talk about way to encourage the city to work with the developers in saving old structures, it will be on September’s Transportation and Land Use Agenda, the first Tuesday in September.”

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  1. The excavators are coming tomorrow morning (Thursday), They tried to delay through next week, but the demolition company is booked up. There is still crown molding, wood floors and antique baseboards not to mention the wood stove insert, dishwasher, newer water heater and all sorts of other stuff. It sad, but it will be land-filled.

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