New stop signs at 63rd and Oregon!

New stop signs at 63rd and Oregon!

Thanks to some citizen involvement and some quick work by PBOT, we have some new stop signs at the intersection of NE 63rd Ave. and Oregon St. The unprotected intersection has been a problem in the past, especially since NE 63rd is a direct route north from Glisan into “the pocket” south of the Banfield. Neighbor Joe Recker contacted Commissioner Steve Novick’s office to inquire about adding the stop signs; Joe’s email included photos to show the limited line-of-sight and explained how dangerous the intersection has been. Commissioner Novick’s office contacted PBOT, and were notified that PBOT had been out to the neighborhood to investigate the intersection. Voila! Less than a month later, we have shiny new stop signs. Persistence can pay off! Now, to work on the city regarding improvements on Oregon… south-facing-stop


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