North Tabor Board Meeting Agenda: April 21st

The next North Tabor Neighborhood Association meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 21st from 6:30-8:30pm at 5600 NE Glisan St.

The agenda is posted below:

[Previously, the below was posted]

6:30 Introductions and Approval of March Minutes
6:35 Discussion with Rich Newlands about the 50’s bikeway including diverted traffic on 52nd, and safety on 55th, and other possible updates and solutions. Come and give us your input on how it is working!
7:10 Mary Kinnick from Mount Tabor Weed Warriors will come to Advertise the Mount Tabor Habitat Restoration on June 27th. Our results were great from our first day at Rosemont Bluff, so let us keep going.
7:20 Discussion of the Shogren House Development. As this is on the National Register of Historic Places, our Neighborhood Association has opportunity for input. The site plan includes leaving the main house, cottage house and adult fir trees in place and adding nine units on the one acre parcel. Action Item: Should we comment (deadline April 27th) and what are our comments? Site Plan is attached ( I will try to get a bigger version). (Terry, but really all)
7:40 Committee Updates including Art’s, Financial, communications (All)
7:50 T/LU Committee update including Providence TWG, Parks including advertising for the May 5th T/LU committee meeting which will focus on creating a more detailed park’s plan including bird friendly natural play area improvements for Rosemont Bluff, May 9th will be the Bike Safarai where we will look at Klickitat and Holman City Park to get ideas for NE Oregon (Terry)
8:00 proposal to City Council to reduce and eliminate current barriers community members face to appealing City government administrative decisions (Cathy)
8:15 Call for New Board members! We still have positions open, who wants to join us!
8:30 Social Time

Shogren House: April 2, 2015 EA 15 106089 Posting Notice (PDF)
Primer on administrative justice reform proposal_Auditor’s Office (PDF)


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