Tree by Tree, Block by Block: Join volunteers to inventory every street tree in North Tabor

Tree by Tree, Block by Block: Join volunteers to inventory every street tree in North Tabor

Measuring street trees. Photo from

In summer of 2015, dozens of tree lovers will explore the North Tabor neighborhood on a mission to identify, map, measure, and assess every street tree. This inventory is the neighborhood’s first and most comprehensive street tree inventory ever performed. The project is being organized by North Tabor Tree Team, a group of neighbors committed to improving their urban forest. A partnership with Portland Parks & Recreation, the inventory is the neighborhood’s first step in expanding, diversifying, and protecting trees in our area.

Tree inventory data provides a baseline for tracking forest composition and changes over time. This has never been more important, as Portland’s urban trees face challenges such as a changing climate, development pressure, and invasive pests and pathogens.

Tree enthusiasts are needed, regardless of skill level, to volunteer with the project. On inventory days volunteers will be paired with a trained team leader to collect data. Together teams will walk the neighborhood and identify, map, measure and assess trees. Certified arborists and Parks staff will be on hand to help in this exploration of the community’s urban forest. Work days are scheduled for:

  • Wednesday June 24, 4:30 – 8:00 pm @Community Church of Christ
  • Saturday July 25, 8:30 am – noon @Emily House Providence
  • Saturday August 8, 8:30 am – noon @New Heights Physical Therapy
  • Wednesday September 2, 4:30 – 8:00 pm @Community Church of Christ

Volunteers looking to gain more experience with tree identification can become inventory Team Leaders and guide novice volunteers on data collection routes. Team Leaders attend a training session and commit to participate in at least three inventory work days. Becoming a Team Leader is an excellent opportunity to improve tree identification skills and learn more about assessing tree health and site conditions. Team Leader training sessions are offered on June 6, 10 and 13 (see attached flyer below).

Register now for inventory work days and Team Leader training at:

For more information, contact our inventory organizer:
Jeff Holiman 503-329-7912

Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry
Angie DiSalvo 503-823-4484

[edit 05/19/15] The attached flyer has been updated to adjust the date of data entry training

2015 volunteer opportunities flyer


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