Draft Minutes from the Feb-Apr NTNA Meetings

Our standard practice has been to post meeting minute after they have been approved. Due to some unusual circumstances, the NTNA Board has not yet approved the February or March minutes.

Due to a request, we are posting draft minutes from those meetings and our April meeting as well. Finalized minutes will be approved at our June meeting and then reposted.

The drafts are below. They are also available here.



4 thoughts on “Draft Minutes from the Feb-Apr NTNA Meetings

  1. Does the Board read comments and reply to them on this page? I didn’t see a reply to the comment that I left on 6/12/16 with multiple board business-related questions specific to the minutes. Should I look in a different place? I think it would be helpful for the neighborhood to better understand the role, policies and processes of the NTNA board and association. Thanks!

    1. The best way to contact the Board is via the email, phone or mail address listed on the Contact Us page.

      If you’d like to know more about why Portland has officially recognized Neighborhood Associations, the Office of Neighborhood Involvement has some great resources: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/oni/38585

  2. Could the Board help me to understand process? Is it appropriate for the Board to unanimously (6 board members voting at a meeting with 8 neighbors, including the board) approve special interest group endorsement requests without polling the community that they represent? In the case of the gas tax request in these minutes, for instance, 5 people voted for the whole neighborhood to endorse this proposal? Doesn’t this endorsement lead the public (i.e. voters) to believe that a neighborhood is in support of a ballot measure? I don’t remember giving you the right to represent my voice. Is the NTNA a lobby group?

    1. A board vote represents the Neighborhood Association Board views, for the Neighborhood to be represented it needs to be a general meeting. This particular vote was the board.

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