Land Use/Transportation Notes: May 3, 2016

Here are the notes from the Land Use & Transportation meeting that took place on May 3rd, 2016:


3 thoughts on “Land Use/Transportation Notes: May 3, 2016

  1. How figure does a park affect access to one’s own driveway? Why do we property owners think we have more of a right to park on the public streets in front of our houses than any other members of the public? I like that convenience, but think it’s nice but not my right.

    1. Hello Sharon. I attended this meeting and can shed some light on what was discussed. One version of the Oregon St Park idea that is proposed by the neighborhood association would close 2-3 blocks of Oregon between NE 63rd and NE Vera. There are 14-15 residences that are adjacent to that stretch. Some of them front Oregon, some of them are alongside it. For those people, either their driveways or garage/yard access would have to be factored in.

      Another aspect that was addressed is the use of the very same area as a park and ride for MAX commuters, some of whom park and head to the airport for trips and leave their cars parked for extended periods. So parking was discussed to because those cars would be displaced on other neighboring streets.

      Lastly, since changing what is currently a road to a park space, it would dead end streets at Oregon. These streets are already pretty narrow and parking would have to be lessened in areas to allow for vehicle turn around. Especially for trucks and emergency vehicles.

      The minutes don’t reflect all that was discussed. And I didn’t hear the discussion as coming from a place of “right” as much as figuring out all of the impacts the version of the plan would create.

    2. Hi, Sharon.

      I, too, agree that property owners don’t have any more of a right to park on the street in front of their houses than any other members of the public. I appreciate that the Max riders are parking and taking the train the rest of the way in. Most home owners aren’t parking there during the day anyway. We rarely see anyone park for extended time beyond work hours, other than residents of The Commons that do not have enough parking at their facility. It is unfortunate that enough on-site parking wasn’t required in that build out. I understand that those residents need to park on Oregon and other side streets.

      I’m hopeful that driveway access as well as emergency vehicle access and garbage pick up will be planned into any changes, including any concept of a park, for Oregon Street. None of this was in the original plan that we were recently told about. It was closing 2-3 blocks of Oregon St. to autos, which would block driveways and dead-end streets without room to turn around and would divert East/West traffic onto Hoyt St. and Vera St. A more recent map that Michael posted shows allowing driveway access and thruway auto access to 61st and 62nd, but still blocks off Oregon Street and diverts traffic onto Hoyt and Vera.

      If you are available, you should come to the neighborhood transportation meeting tonight. We were at the last one and a lot more was discussed than can make it into minutes.

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