Donut Queen’s fritter on WW’s 2017 Best of Portland list

“These fritters may as well be made of rainbows. For a mere $2, each one is the approximate size of a healthy newborn baby and retains its moisture within while attaining just the right crispness at the edges. And each fritter is glazed just enough to remind you that even in these troubled times, it’s still possible for life to be sweet. Among many contenders, this is the finest fritter in Portland right now, and we are privileged to have it in our city.” –Matthew Korthage, Willamette Week.
The fritters at Donut Queen, 59th and East Burnside, have been named to Willamette Week’s 2017 Best of Portland list. Check out the story from the July 1, 2017 Willamette Week: Donut Queen: Best of Portland

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