Friends of Trees signup deadline is Jan. 1

This winter’s Friends of Trees planting in North Tabor will be Feb. 3, 2018! Is your parking strip bare? Does your yard need a tree or two? Send an email to or phone 503-595-0212. Deadline to sign up for a tree is Jan. 1, and to place an order is Jan. 15.
There is a wide variety of trees to choose from; street trees (those between curb and sidewalk) must meet certain city and location-related requirements, but that is all figured out for you on the website. Prices vary, depending on the tree you want, but they are markedly less expensive than anything you could buy at the nursery, and Friend of Trees will plant it for you. So take a look, sign up for a tree and volunteer to help on planting day. It’s a great way to meet your neighbors, and to improve the community at the same time!

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