Tabor Sewer Project: December update

Environmental Services is nearing completion on the Tabor Sewer Repair project to replace 17,000 feet of public sewer pipes in your neighborhood. Crews will be completing miscellaneous outstanding items such as manhole repairs, spot paving, and cleaning in multiple locations through January 2018.

This project has replaced and repaired sewer pipes ranging from 12 to 18 inches in diameter and are 60 to 104 years old. Repairing and replacing aging sewers protects water quality, public health and the environment.

The current project has focused on replacing and repairing sewer pipes using methods involving excavation. Environmental Services is now preparing for additional sewer repairs in your neighborhood in 2018, which will mainly use a construction method called Cured-in-Place Pipe-Lining (CIPP). The map below shows the location of 2018 CIPP repairs in your neighborhood.

Cured-in-Place Pipe-Lining is a trenchless method that requires little or no digging and significantly less time to complete. Work crews access the sewer from manholes to insert a flexible liner inside the old pipe. The liner is inflated with air and exposed to ultraviolet light (UV) to gradually cure and harden the liner. As the liner hardens, it forms a rigid, smooth surface that seals cracks and restores the pipe to near-new condition. For more details about CIPP, visit

The Tabor CIPP lining work is scheduled to begin in January 2018 and all repairs are expected to be complete by November 2018. Work in most locations is expected to take one to two days. More time may be required where spot repairs are needed or additional work is identified.

CIPP lining is highly weather dependent. For this reason, the contractor has been given a large window to complete lining repairs in your neighborhood. CIPP lining activity will be low during wet months and increase during dry months. Residents near each location will be notified in advance of work.

For More Information, contact Matt Gough 503-823-5352.

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