April 28, 2018 North Tabor / Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Cleanup

April 28, 2018 North Tabor / Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Cleanup

Saturday, April 28, 2018
Mt. Tabor Middle School Parking Lot
(Entrance at SE 57th and Oak, just north of Stark St.)

Start gathering your junk! The Mt. Tabor and North Tabor Neighborhood Associations are working together again this year to host our joint cleanup event. In addition to being a very convenient way to get rid of your junk, this event also is a major fundraiser for the two neighborhood associations.

Please spread the word to your neighbors and friends! Anyone can bring stuff to the cleanup—you don’t have to live in Mt. Tabor or North Tabor.

We are able to take many kinds of household junk, yard debris, appliances, and electronics. We’ll also recycle lots of materials. Our reuse area will allow us to rescue usable treasures that people can take home (for a small donation). In the past, people have gone home with yard tools and equipment, glasses and dishes, books, and even an antique steamer trunk!

WE CANNOT TAKE SOME ITEMS AT THE CLEANUP: The rules have changed on what we are and are not allowed to accept at the cleanup. We will be charged hefty fines if we allow any of these items into the drop boxes!

We will need to take a look at all items—including in garbage bags—before they go into the drop boxes. We retain the right to refuse any item.

Contact Metro to find out how to dispose of or recycle any items we can’t take: 503-234-3000; https://www.oregonmetro.gov/tools-living/garbage-and-recycling.

CLICK HERE to view a PDF with the list of what we can and cannot take.
See below for more information on:

– Drop off fees
– What we CAN take
– What we CAN’T take
– Ways you can help—volunteer/host a yard sign
– Sponsoring organizations
– Other supporters
– Contact for more information

* * * * * * *

$10-$15 average load
$25 large loads
$30 and up for oversize loads
Tires: $5 per tire off the rim; $10 per tire on the rim

WAYS YOU CAN HELP—We need volunteers!

Volunteer!: Bring a friend or family member. It’s fun!
Help check people in, direct traffic, unload cars and trucks, and sort recyclables.
Shifts: 8 to 11 a.m. and 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Do you have a pickup truck! We also need people to drive recyclable materials collected to recycling facilities.
Bring your tools and help in our “deconstruction area”—this allows us to recycle more—especially valuable metal!
To volunteer, contact Amy Chomowicz, amychom@gmail.com.

Host a yard sign—help advertise the cleanup:
If you live on a street with a lot of car or foot traffic in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood, contact Paul Leistner (prleistner@gmail.com) with your address (Paul will drop off a yard sign and pick it up again after the cleanup). In the North Tabor neighborhood, contact cleanup2018@northtabor.org.


Metro donates the cost of dumping the drop boxes at the transfer station.

City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability provides financial and logistical support to participating neighborhood associations.

Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Coalition provides administrative support and technical assistance to the neighborhood associations and cleanup coordinators.


Mt. Tabor Middle School is allowing us to use their parking lot and playground again this year!

McFarlane’s Bark is donating two drop boxes for yard debris.


For more information about the cleanup, contact: Paul Leistner, prleistner@gmail.com.

* * * * * * * *

You can bring any of these items to the cleanup:

General Bulky Waste
Pretty much any household junk that is not listed below in “WHAT WE CANNOT TAKE.”

Yard Debris
– Brush
– Grass (non-odiferous, less than one week old)
– Leaves
– Stumps
– Sawdust
– Woodchips
– Vegetation

– Washers
– Dryers
– Ovens/Stoves
– Air conditioners

– Computers
– Laptops
– Monitors (CRT, LCD)
– Printers / Scanners
– Fax / Copiers
– Ink Cartridges
– Keyboards / Mice
– Servers /Routers / Hub
– Networking Devices
– Communications Equipment
– Misc. Electronics
– Televisions
– VCRs, DVD players
– Stereos & Audio Components
– Cell phones
– PDAs, Handheld Games
– Cameras
– Telephones
– Batteries

– White block Styrofoam (no other types of Styrofoam)
– Packing peanuts (clean only)
– Metal
– Tires
– Bikes
– Tools
– Furniture
– Clothing
– Useable building materials

Please do not bring any of these items to the cleanup!

General Bulky Waste
– No concrete, asphalt, dirt, sod, brick, sand, gravel or composition roofing.
– No household hazardous waste (e.g. paint, pesticides, solvents, asbestos, gasoline, chemicals, motor oil, tar, paint, batteries, animal waste, liquids, pool chemicals, wood stain, antifreeze, thinners, aerosol spray products, syringes, medications, poisons, toxic chemicals, herbicides, household cleaning products, fluorescent tubes and ballasts, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL))
– No commercial or industrial garbage
– No freezers, refrigerators, or other items containing Freon.
– No regular household garbage or food waste (things that should go in your curbside pickup)

Metro’s current asbestos rules require that we absolutely cannot take:
– No Interior walls and ceilings: acoustical tiles, glue dots, plaster, and textured surfaces
– No Exterior walls: cement siding, stucco
– No Flooring: vinyl tiles, sheet vinyl, some mastic adhesives
– No Insulation/fireproofing: block, boiler, spray-applied, vermiculite, monokote, sink undercoating, thermal system insulation (fiberglass, cellulose, and mineral wool are exempt)
– No Gaskets: furnace, mechanical, boiler, wood stove (automotive gaskets are exempt)
– No Heating materials: white paper or seam tape on ducts, air-duct cement and insulation
– No Roofing materials: tar paper, felt, silver/white roofing paint, Nicolite paper
– No Fire doors, fire/kiln brick and fireproofing
– No Various compounds: window glazing, adhesives, caulks, patching, mastics, vapor barrier products (plastic or synthetic materials such as Tyvek are exempt)
– No Electrical: switch gear, circuit boxes and fuse panels; wiring with cloth insulation (Romex wiring is exempt)
– No Flat/built-up roofing

Yard Debris
– No Sod
– No Dirt/Soil

– No appliances with Freon/coolant
– No refrigerators
– No freezers
– No dehumidifiers (with coolant)

​- No PCB ballasts

Contact Metro to find out how you can dispose of these items (503-234-3000; https://www.oregonmetro.gov/tools-living/garbage-and-recycling).


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