NTNA Budget planning meeting Tuesday May 29

There will be an NTNA budget planning meeting at 6:30pm, Tuesday, May 29 at 4837 NE Couch, Community of Christ Church.

Agenda for the meeting will be:
– review budget policies for North Tabor Neighborhood Association
– review budget categories and ideas
– set amounts for budget goals

The following are ideas brainstormed at the April NTNA meeting.

– clean up (amount unknown from year to year)
– SEUL ($750 each year targeted for communications)
– Silent auction
– Spaces to have events: A&L (maybe donate beer?), lagunitas event space (proceeds from beer sales go to neighborhood)
– Neighborhood T-shirts
– Fund Run
– Historic walk
– Donations from local businesses (in past ads or sponsorship for newsletter)
Chili cook off in the fall
– Something with/at Fred Meyer – fundraiser – bbq outside
– Strategy – have several revenue building events throughout the year (spring and fall)

– Communications (web, flyers, postage)
– Donations (building host, as requested)
– Mandala maintenance
– Banners
– Required fees (DOJ, State of Oregon)
– Event costs

– Minimum to keep from year to year – reserves / carry over

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