North Tabor board meeting: Tuesday, Nov 20, 2018

North Tabor Neighborhood Association’s November meeting is scheduled Tuesday, November 20 at 4837 NE Couch, Community of Christ.Here is the agenda.

NTNA Board Meeting Nov 20, 2018


6:30p – Call to order
6:30-6:40 – Introductions
6:40-6:45 – Approval of agenda, with amendments if required
Approval of minutes of October meeting
6:45-7:00 – Nominations for the following positions for 2019:
Vice Chairperson
SEUL representative
Vote for officer positions
7:00-7:15 – Request for volunteers for standing committee chairpersons
Land Use/Transportation (may be separate or combined)
Projects and programs (includes annual clean-up)
7:15-7:20 – Treasury report
7:20-7:50 – Discussion of plans and goals for 2019
7:50-8:00 – Other business
8:00p – Adjourn

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