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    FRIDAY, JULY 12, 5PM

    This Friday, July 12, 2013 the group calling itself Camp Cascadia (occupy Mt. Tabor) will be converging on Mt. Tabor near the now empty Reservoir 6 on 60th near Hawthorne at 5pm.

    While we don’t know with certainty how Occupy Mt. Tabor will all work out, our sentiments are similar to those expressed by Stephanie Stewart (MTNA board) to Willamette Week. There is no greater cause to inspire occupation than protecting Portland’s drinking water, protecting Portland’s well-functioning, proven safe and recently upgraded open reservoirs. Why would Portland continue down a path that degrades our system, creates new public health risks, and harms ratepayers, for no measurable public health benefit when many legal options remain?

    The power to intervene, to stop the waste, to secure relief from the onerous, unsupported, corporate-negotiated EPA LT2 regulation, has always been with Portland City Council. One need only compare the efforts of NYC and the City of Rochester with the weak, superficial efforts of Portland officials.

    Gather your children, your friends and neighbors, tell them to take off early from work to rally around the reservoirs yet again. Though [FoR] won’t be camping, we will join the initial march at 5 p.m., to protect Portland’s grand open reservoir water system and ratepayer pocketbooks. Show up in your suit and tie, as unlike last November we won’t be marching in the pouring rain.

    And please get those letters written.

    [Note: I am forwarding this from an email I received from Floy Jones @ Friends of the Reservoirs. -- MBr]

    Official letter from Mount Tabor Neighborhood Association (7/1/13)

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