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Agenda for the October Transportation & Land Use Committee Meeting

The next meeting of the Transportation and Land Use Committee will be held on October 4, 2016 from 6:30-8:30 pm at New Heights Physical Therapy (5736 NE Glisan Street). All are welcome to attend.The agenda is available here: north-tabor-october-2016-lutc-agenda

Three citywide land use related notifications

SE Uplift received the following three land use related notifications that apply to all neighborhoods: Planning and Sustainability Commission Meeting Agenda for August 23: PSC AgendaFossil Fuel Terminal Zoning Amendments Notification: Fossil Fuel Terminal Zoning AmendmentsMass Shelters and Housing Zoning Code Update Notification: Notice of Mass Shelters & Housing Zoning Code Update

“Seismically Upgraded Multifamily Dispersed Density” concept materials

Terry, our Transportation & Land Use Chair, has expanded his materials for the “Seismically Upgraded Multifamily Dispersed Density” concept as presented at the last T&LU subcommittee meeting.They are available for review here: R1.5-the Missing Middle SEUL v2 Northb Tabor aug lutc amendedQuestions and comments can be sent to

Residential Infill Project: Comments due August 15

Draft proposals to reduce the scale of new houses, allow more housing options and address issues around historically narrow lots are now available for public review and comment.In response to community concerns about demolition and infill, project staff and the RIP Stakeholder Advisory Committee are exploring ways to adapt Portland’s single-dwelling zoning rules to meet

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Agenda for the August 2 meeting of the NTNA Land Use and Transportation Committee

The August Land Use and Transportation meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 2nd from 6:30-8:30 pm at New Heights Physical Therapy (5736 NE Glisan St.). You can download the agenda here: North Tabor August 2016 LUTC Final Agenda You can download the three page infill document here: Missing Middle 1 Missing Middle 2 Missing Middle 3 You can download Laurelhurst’s

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