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Providence Transportation Work Group: January draft minutes

Draft minutes from the January 8, 2014 Transportation Working Group (TWG) of the Providence Portland Medical Center (PPMC) /Laurelhurst NA /North Tabor NA Good Neighbor Agreement Standing Committee (GNA) Attendees: Jim Parker, Jim Edelson, Terry Dublinski, Cary Hixon, Bill Hamilton, Ryan Sexton, Gail Morris, Dave Bodine After discussion of next steps for TWG, it was

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Notes from July 29 Transportation Work Group Meeting: by Zachary Michaud

The Transportation Work Group, a subcommittee of the Providence/Laurelhurst/NorthTabor Good Neighbor Agreement Standing Committee (which is open to neighbors) met on July 29th for their first official meeting. The meeting was poorly attended, perhaps due to summer vacations or due to poor notice. Those attending included Judy Kennedy, North Tabor neighbor; David Bodine, Providence Security

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50s bikeway construction postponed until Feb 2014

The start of construction on the NE/SE Bikeway will be delayed until early next year. The bikeways project went out to bid in June, with the bid opening on July 9. Unfortunately the two bids received were significantly above the project’s construction contract estimate. The low number of bidders and the high bids received strongly

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