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Previous home to Montavilla Sheet Metal reborn as New Heights Physical Therapy Plus

New Heights Physical Therapy Plus has opened and will be hosting an open house next week! The old Montavilla Sheet Metal building has been around for a while, and the new tenants have done a wonderful job of refreshing the building, including re-use of the old growth lumber! See the previous coverage of the remodel,

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New Comprehensive Plan Communications

From our Land Use & Transportation Chair, Terry Dublinski-Milton: The North Tabor Neighborhood Association will be submitting our second letter of comment on the comprehensive plan for Portland’s development over the next generation next Tuesday. Here is a draft of the letter we will be discussing and voting on. Public comments are welcomed, encouraged and

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2015 Street Tree Inventory

North Tabor residents: you are invited to participate in a 2015 street tree inventory team for the neighborhood! The team will receive training from the City’s Urban Forestry Program as well as supplies and coordination during the days of the inventory, which vary though out next year. Interested in signing up? A short application is

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