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Notes from July 29 Transportation Work Group Meeting: by Zachary Michaud

The Transportation Work Group, a subcommittee of the Providence/Laurelhurst/NorthTabor Good Neighbor Agreement Standing Committee (which is open to neighbors) met on July 29th for their first official meeting. The meeting was poorly attended, perhaps due to summer vacations or due to poor notice. Those attending included Judy Kennedy, North Tabor neighbor; David Bodine, Providence Security

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North Tabor News submissions and distribution

NEWSLETTER SUBMISSIONS: The Newsletter committee will be putting the paper together this coming week. If you have something to submit for this issue please get it to Candice ( or 503 234-6592) no later than Wednesday, August 7, at 5pm (sooner would be better). If you are working on something that needs more time, please

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Referrals for yard cleanup?

Can anyone help with a referral for yard cleanup? We received this request as a comment to the website over the weekend. Please leave a comment here or send an e-mail to “My wife and I, who live in Seattle, recently decided to sell our North Tabor duplex behind Fred Meyer. We are hoping

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