To suggest an agenda topic, get information about committees and volunteer opportunities, or other specific inquiries:
Chair: CJ Alicandro

Vice Chair: Ross Hiner
Treasurer: Patty Lackaff
Secretary: Sarah Mongue
Land Use & Transportation: Lisa Maddocks
Board: All members

The North Tabor Neighborhood Association is always looking for residents to join the board. Some of us are new to the intricacies of the neighborhood association, but with our trusted advisers (previous board members), we’re hoping to make positive waves in our neighborhood and the lives of our neighbors.

2021-2022 Board Members

CJ Alicandro – Chair

Ross Hiner – Vice Chair
Patty Lackaff – Treasurer
Sarah Mongue – Secretary/Communications
Lisa Maddocks – Land Use/Transportation
Kim Kasch – Communications
Jules Unger – Communications

Kim Bandy – SUEL Liaison
Robert Jordan – at-large board member
Suzanne Gardner – at-large board member
Stephanie Kaza – at-large board member

Greg Scott – at-large board member