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22x34_north_tabor_zoning LAND USE NOTICES 5149 NE Davis. CASE FILE NUMBER: LU 13-167773 LDP ZONING: R2.5 CASE TYPE: Land Division (Partition). PROCEDURE: Type 1x, an administrative decision with appeal to the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA). Written comments need to be received by Bureau of Development Services by 5 p.m. on September 23, 2013. The applicant proposes to divide the existing 5,000 square foot lot into two parcels for detached single-family homes. The existing dwelling would remain on a 2,550 square foot parcel (1), with access from NE Davis Street. Modifications to the existing structure are proposed to accommodate required development standards on the reduced lot size. The 2,450-square foot Parcel 2 would be oriented to and take access from NE 52nd Avenue. 5010-5012 NE Oregon Street (ADJOINING NORTH TABOR) CASE FILE NUMBER: LU 13-180188 ZE ZONING: EG2 General Employment 2; R5 Single-Dwelling Residential 5,000 CASE TYPE: Zoning Map Error PROCEDURE: Type II, Administrative decision with appeal to the hearings officer. Written comments need to be received by Bureau of Development Services by 5 p.m. on September 6, 2013. The Bureau of Development Services is initiating a Zoning Map Error to correct the zoning on the northwest-most and southeast-most portions of this site from R5 (Single-Dwelling Residential 5,000) to EG2 (General Employment 2), thereby reflecting the existing zoning on the remainder of the ownership. This process is necessary because the current zoning line bisects existing development that has been in industrial use, and on a site that has been in common ownership since at least 1964. This zoning map error has resulted in industrial development being located in part in a Single-Dwelling Residential (R5) zone. Land Use Committee Meeting this Wednesday February 13. When: 6:30-8:30 pm Where: SE Crime Prevention Hub, 4747 E Burnside Topics: Transportation Issues in Our Neighborhood THANK YOU to everyone who has participated in the transportation survey thus far. This month the Land Use Committee meeting will focus discussion on transportation issues that have come out of the survey. Matt Wickstrom from the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, will be there to answer questions about how to advocate for transportation and land issues in our neighborhood, as well as provide information about which types of projects are most feasible for us to advocate for. Please join the conversation and help us start addressing the issues we’ve begun to identify through our survey. If you have any questions please email Nicole Davenport at Agenda: I. Introductions II. Land Use Notices a. Land Use Decision: 35 NE 55th Ave III. Discussion a. Transportation Survey Preliminary Results i. Most common problems reported in each category ii. How do we advocate for land use and transportation issues in our neighborhood? Discussion with BPS Employee Matt Wickstrom b. New Triplex on 57th Ave: Discussion with the developer Land Use Committee Meeting January 9 at 6:30pm We will be meeting in the den at the crime prevention hub at 4747 East Burnside Street. The meeting will be held from 630-830. Katherine Anderson, the SE Crime Prevention Coordinator will be there to let us in. Land Use ABCs Powerpoint Presentation from the Office of Neighborhood Involvement and Bureau of Planning and Sustainability: ABCs of Land Use The land use committee tracks and responds to land use issues in North Tabor. Leave a reply here or e-mail:

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