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Summary of Communications Committee Meeting 10/25/2012 Attending: Candice Jordan, Cathy Riddell, Gail Morris, Christin Huja, Frank Spillers, Alison Gavine, Diane Wells DRAFT MISSION STATEMENT Hopefully this contains all that was addressed at our meetingThe North Tabor News is a volunteer project of the North Tabor Neighborhood Association (NTNA). Our mission is to provide a channel of communication, a voice of, by and for the NTNA and the residents, businesses and organizations located within its boundaries. The North Tabor News serves as a supplement to other communications efforts of the NTNA with the goal of increasing participation, outreach, and communications. The North Tabor News is funded primarily through support of local businesses in the form of paid advertising, as well as through a small grant from Southeast Uplift, general funds of the NTNA and individual donations. PRODUCTION TASKS (TO BE ALLOCATED TO FINAL JOB DESCRIPTIONS–with allowance for task swapping as needed, dependent upon who serves in any given position developed) 1. Soliciting content from various sources 2. Coordinating liaison functions 3. Researching and writing articles of interest 4. Covering meetings and neighborhood events (photos and stories) 5. Assigning articles to be written by others 6. Taking or arranging for photos/illustrations 7. Encouraging neighborhood-wide participation 8. Layout and design 9. Proofreading and corrections 10. Uploading final files to printer’s server 11. Picking up of papers not mailed from Gresham Outlook 12. Coordinating distribution and delivery of papers not mailed, including to public locations 13. Preparing/Updating postal mailing list 14. Coordinating pre-and post production meetings to prioritize placement and to review issues 15. Maintaining system to allow for maximum participation FINANCIAL OPERATIONS 1. Coordinating solicitation of ads and securing ads copy and payments 2. Soliciting other sources of funding 3. Maintaining records of all transactions (income and expenditures) 4. Manage North Tabor News bank account 5. Determining quantity to be mailed (based upon revenue available for issue) 6. Preparing and delivering invoices and receipts DEADLINE CONSIDERATIONS 1. Early enough to allow up to 2 weeks for final layout and production, plus a week for delivery 2. Extension on deadline for advertising when there is not sufficient funds to cover costs 3. Extension by permission on ads and articles when there is need for later date (i.e. board meeting falls after deadline, some decision beyond our control is happening after deadline, etc.–these circumstances need to be negotiated with production staff so as to not cause undue stress and not conflict with timely delivery of the paper. 4. Consideration in advance of special circumstances which may require change in publication date (i.e. when normal schedule would result in conflicts with holidays–which often result in problems with printing dates and mail delivery) 5. Find balance between sticking to posted deadlines, vs needs of production staff, board, committees, etc., which may result in “in house” extended deadlines, but deadlines to general public/posted deadlines should be somewhat consistent. DISCUSSION ON CONTENT 1. Paid ads, rates set to secure sufficient revenue with ~1.5 pages out of 8 as ads. 2. Meeting Notices for NTNA, and other meeting notices scheduled far enough ahead to be included 3. Event Announcements if falling after distribution date 4. Publicity of events both before and after (before to encourage participation, and after to let folks know what they missed out so they might participate in future. 5. Photos and stories about neighborhood, neighbors and history 6. Meeting agendas and minutes (brief summaries) including board actions 7. Committee Reports/Updates 8. Press releases from city and other organizations (SEUL, Farmers Markets, schools, concerts, ….) 9. Local business stories 10. Reports from SEUL/Providence GNA, etc. 11. Why I like this neighborhood 12. Neighborhood news 13. Land Use issues/notices 14. Letters to editor 15. Repeating features 16. Calendar HOW TO FINANCE 1. Try to maintain balance between income and expense to avoid profit and tax requirements/consequences 2. Paid advertising is primary source, discounts for North Tabor and contingent neighborhoods to encourge local advertising over non-local 3. Grants (SEUL, NTNA, other sources?) 4. Conduct a marketing survey to help sell advertising? 5. Offer graphic design services for a fee (would need designer) 6. Hand deliver more, mail less (hire service to deliver at lower cost? Could create problems) 7. Online only with subscriptions for print copies (would only save on postage because production charges are already for numbers below minimum charges–would probably require a different process and much smaller paper) 8. Create online web business directory included in advertising rates and at a fee for non-advertisers DISTRIBUTION 1. Use map and mailing list to create static delivery routes of ~25 addresses, aim for consistent delivery volunteers with consistent routes (some might deliver multiple contingent areas) 2. Someone needs to coordinate delivery and mailing lists 3. Set up list of public locations for papers and assign delivery to volunteers as well as restocking IDEAS FOR INCREASING STAFF 1. High School Community Service 2. More individuals to solicit ads (keep some papers and rate sheets on hand and speak to businesses when making purchases or contracting for services) 3. Interns 4. Develop communities of interest (ethnic, special interests–biking, gardening, small kids at home, etc) 5. Need to expand outside of 57th/58th core–more representational staffing 6. Address childcare needs of volunteers — determine barriers to participation and work to mitigate 7. Offer $5 to publish articles? 8. Create and editorial board to help disperse responsibilities

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