North Tabor Tree Inventory Findings (2015):

  • North Tabor’s street tree population consists of 2,376 trees of 94 types.
  • Diversity is a concern for North Tabor; just two tree families account for over half of North Tabor’s street tree population, and 26% of all trees are maples.
  • Only 16% of North Tabor’s street trees are large form varieties. Long lived and large form trees provide more benefits than small and medium form trees.
  • The predominance of small planting sites in North Tabor pose a challenge to the growth and longevity of street trees. Small and medium sites represent 68% of planting spaces in the neighborhood.
  • 63% of all street tree planting spaces are currently stocked with trees, and 1,109 empty spaces are available for street tree planting.
  • North Tabor’s street trees produce $272,873 annually in environmental and aesthetic benefits. The replacement value of this resource is $6.8 million.

  • Click this link for the full report: Street Tree Inventory Report: North Tabor Tree Report, November 2015