NTNA Land Use & Transportation: February meeting minutes

NTNA Land Use & Transportation: February meeting minutes

DSCN1335North Tabor Neighborhood Association
Land Use and Transportation Subcommittee Meeting Minutes
February 4, 2014, Fred Meyer Starbucks, 6:30-8pm

Attendees: Beth, Terry, and Lena

1) Introductions, Review Agenda, Housekeeping

Discussion: For now, we’ll continue to use a rotating note-taker system and not worry too much about a formal facilitator. We’ll continue to meet at the Fred Meyer Starbucks until March, when we’ll re-evaluate
Action Items: No action needed at this time

2) Providence Portland Transportation Work Group (TWG) update. So far, Terry feels that the TWG is being stalled and does not feel that the GNA system is working. He has sent an e-mail asking if he could help or get attached to the Institutional Zoning Committee in order to provide input on how to regulate large medical institutions.

3) Sidewalk Grant Update

Discussion: Terry and Beth gave an update on the sidewalk grant proposal and discussed the timing of the proposal in conjunction with a letter to Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) that is being drafted to request funding for pedestrian improvements near the 60th Ave MAX station. The consensus was that the grant proposal will be written but not submitted until after the PBOT letter is approved by the NTNA board and submitted to the City. We can borrow language from the PBOT letter when completing the grant proposal.

Action Item: No action needed at this time.

4) Comprehensive Plan Letter Update

Discussion: Beth gave an update on the status of the letter, which has been approved by the NTNA board. She is now collecting signatures from businesses and other organizations that are supportive. So far, the NTNA board and An Sen Acupuncture have agreed to sign on. Beth is still waiting to hear back from several stakeholders she reached out to, including AFSCME, Seven Virtues Cafe, and the Rose City Park Neighborhood Association. The group brainstormed other stakeholders to reach out to and divided the list up among one another for follow up. Inquiries should be made in the next few weeks and completed before the end of February to submit the letter to the City’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.

Action Items:
Terry will contact Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association, the Police Station on 47th and Burnside, Tabor Tavern, the hair salon on 61st and Burnside, the Tannery Bar, A.N.D café, and Laurelhurst House (the senior residence above A.N.D cafe). Beth will contact Office of Neighborhood Involvement, Montavilla Neighborhood Association, AFSCME, and Seven Virtues Café. Lena will reach out to Ellie Legare, owner of Right at Home Midwifery.
Beth will submit the final letter to the City by the end of February.

5) Review of Draft Letter to Metro re: NE 60th MAX station project

Discussion: Beth shared a draft letter to PBOT outlining the reasons why pedestrian improvements near the NE 60th and Glisan MAX Station should be advanced to receive federal funding. She is asking for suggestions and edits. The plan is to ask for the NTNA board to approve the letter with the condition that the Rose City Park NA will be able to add their perspective as well. Terry and Lena both agreed that this would strengthen the request.

Action Items: The letter needs to be ready by mid-March. Beth will continue to move forward in communicating with the Rose City Park NA board and the NTNA board.

6) SE 64th and Division Crossing to Mount Tabor Park

Discussion: Terry gave an update on the letter he is drafting in support of this crossing, which will complete a missing link in a future north-south greenway from the 60th MAX to the Springwater Corridor. He noted that there is a small section of this corridor that will most likely be added to Portland’s Transportation System Plan (if we keep on top of it), which is good news!
Action Item: Terry will bring the letter before the board for quick approval.

7) NE Glisan Business Association Coordination with Montavilla Neighborhood Association

Discussion: Beth shared an update on the Montavilla Neighborhood Association’s goal to create an improvement plan for the Stark/Glisan stretch from NE 67th to NE 92nd. Currently, the vision focuses around crime prevention, graffiti clean up, know your neighbor events, tree plantings, murals, minority business forums, etc. The group discussed supporting the plan. Beth suggested that this might be a good self-contained project to bring forward at the next NTNA board meeting to see if there are board members, neighbors or businesses who want to getting involved.

Action Items: Beth will continue to be the point person in communication with Montavilla Neighborhood Association.

8) Terry discussed new estimates that building the Columbia River Crossing would divert more than 40,000 trips a day from I-5 to I-205 (to and from Vancouver to avoid tolls). This would result in a significant uptick in auto traffic via the Banfield and Glisan/Burnside as vehicles try to avoid tolls and congestion. Terry suggested writing a statement against if it looks like the Columbia River Crossing will being resurrected.

Tuesday, March 4th, 6:30-8pm, Fred Meyer Glisan Starbuck’s


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