RESCHEDULED – North Tabor Land Use/Transportation Agenda: Sept 9th meeting

[Edit] Please note that this T&LU meeting has been rescheduled to Tuesday, September 9th. The NTNA Transportation and Land Use meeting for September will take place on the 2nd from 6:30 to 8:00pm at the Laurelhurst Cafe, 47th and East Burnside. Remember to support your local Business!

Existing Zoning, June 7, 2013
Existing Zoning, June 7, 2013

The entire Agenda will be a discussion of our Comprehensive Land Use letter to the Planning Department Round 2.   I have not included times as we will need to work through these issues until some form of consensus is reached.  We will devote October to Transportation related issues.

Please, as background, read our Comprehensive Letter Version 1 to the city and our endorsement of low-density in-fill as we will be working from these documents as we discuss the future of residential zoning.

1) Inclusionary Zoning and Mixed use developments. How do we advocate for the city to encourage a state law change so we can dictate low income and workforce housing with the coming “Mixed Used Residential” construction on Burnside and Glisan? Please read a definition:

Question:  Should we endorse larger construction (larger than four stories) north of Glisan 53rd-58th if, and only if, Workforce Housing is a significant part of the development?

2)  Demolitions and low density infill. Saving old structures, defining a demolition versus remodel, and adding on. What was learned working with Portland Development Group and NE 57th.   Can we up with a way to balance the needs of higher density and the need to save the character and as much of existing structures as possible?

3) Allowing for Cottage apartments, granny flats, and ADU’s. Should we endorse the proposal that ALL residential properties R2 or higher should be allowed to have both a granny flat of less than 800 square feet and an ADU on the property as a way to increase affordable housing.

4) A discussion of garage conversions and an endorsement allowing all detached garages, wherever they lay on the property, to be rebuilt or converted into housing regardless of the property lines. This should include second story ADU’s

5) Comp Plan residential density in the Pocket and Along 60th/ Burnside. What are our recommendations to be brought forward to the entire board and city?

I know this is very technical and wonky, but now is the time imagine what our neighborhood will look like in 20 years!  Let us keep North Tabor Affordable for all residents!


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  1. I have unexpectedly need to leave town for a funeral. Thus, I have postponed the meeting until September 9th, 6:30-8:00, Laurelhurst Cafe

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