2014 NTNA Elections!

2014 NTNA Elections!


That’s right, it’s election season even in North Tabor. We have been filling chairs throughout the year, but we still have to be voted in by our neighbors to keep our seats. North Tabor Neighborhood Association Board Elections will take place during our monthly meeting – Tuesday, October 21, 2014, at 5600 NE Glisan.

The North Tabor neighborhood is as unique as the people that live here. What is your vision for the future of this place we call home? The North Tabor Neighborhood Association (NTNA) is actively recruiting for elected board member positions to help move our work forward. Take a peek at the opportunities available. Your time, talent and ideas can be utilized in an area that most interests you. In return, you’ll meet new people, gain skills and knowledge, and see North Tabor in a whole new light! All elected positions will serve a one-year term. Candidates must be general members of the North Tabor Neighborhood Association; membership is granted to any resident, renter, property owner or representative of business, government agency or organization with North Tabor’s boundaries. Experience is great, but not required for any position. Board members must attend monthly neighborhood meetings (3rd Tuesday each month from 6:30pm – 8:30pm), and contribute additional time as needed to events, committees and projects. Board members must also complete their job duties in a timely and thorough manner and attend trainings offered by Southeast Uplift and similar parties. More information about board membership can be found in NTNA’s by-laws, which can be found here. The following positions will be vacant as of October, 2014. We are especially interested in filling the starred positions (*).

  • * Vice Chair – This position supports the Chair and acts in the Chair’s absence. This is a versatile leadership role with an opportunity to work in different focus areas.
  • * Co-Secretary – This position is responsible for completing and maintaining varied NTNA administrative records.
  • * Member-at-Large – This role serves as an ambassador of NTNA. This can be a general support position or can hold a focus (ex: outreach, safety, business outreach, parks). This is a great role for a community member with special interest or expertise in a particular area.
  • * North Tabor News Editor – This position is responsible for being the editor of the North Tabor Newsletter, which will re-start a publishing cycle in 2015.
  • Arts Chair — This position chairs the NTNA Arts Committee, plans activities, researches opportunities to enhance North Tabor with arts projects (e.g. murals, street mandalas, etc) and solicits input from community members.

Currently filled board positions will be up for re-election in October, but fresh interest is welcome.

  • Chair – This is the Chief executive member of NTNA and officially represents NTNA in all functions including presiding over board and general meetings. There can be a Co-Chair position as well.
  • Treasurer – This position provides key support to the board in creating NTNA’s annual budget, maintains the budget and financial files, makes NTNA payments and completes annual financial reporting.
  • Co-Secretary — This position is responsible for taking, updating and maintaining board and general meeting minutes
  • Land Use and Transportation Chair – This role monitors land use and development proposals and brings them to the attention of the Board and the general membership. This person shall also work with other members and board members to address neighborhood transportation issues and shall share responsibility with NTNA’s SEUL Delegate serving as liaison to the monthly meetings of the SEUL board and the SEUL Land Use and Sustainability Committee.
  • Communications Chair – This position is the chair of the NTNA Communications Committee, oversees that updates are made to the NTNA website and facebook page, is the administrator for NTNA’s email system and coordinates communication-related strategic planning for the board.
  • Sustainability Chair – This position is the main coordinator for NTNA’s annual neighborhood clean up fundraiser event and brings attention to other sustainability-related matters to the board and general community.

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    1. Thanks for the reminder, Kevin. This will take place at our normal meeting location of 5600 NE Glisan St. in the NorthStar offices.

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