North Tabor Land Use/Transportation Agenda: October 7th meeting

The Land Use/Transportation Committee meeting will be split this month to make room for several subjects that will need plenty of time. This meeting will focus upon Land Use and will take place on October 7th from 6:30-8:00pm, at the Laurelhurst Cafe (4611 E Burnside St).

A Transportation-specific meeting will take place on October 14th, from 6:30-8:30pm, location TBD. Please keep an eye on for the agenda for that meeting.

Here is the proposed agenda:

Land Use

  1. Refine discussion of low density infill on R5 or higher properties as a form of affordable housing city wide including additions, Granny flats, ADU’s, encouragement of cooperative ownership. Goal: come up with a targeted goal for long term population growth while keeping the character of our lower density residential as an anti-gentrification measure.
  2. glisan-version-1

  3. Inclusion of a Central Park for North Tabor? How about a series of Micro-parks?
  4. When Demolitions occur in R2.5-R2 would we prefer single family detached houses (I.E. Skinny Homes), versus Townhouse style row house development? Think NE 57th between Burnside and Glisan. If we endorse townhouses, higher density can be achieved with the elimination of the 10 foot “dead zones” in-between the “skinny houses” with minimal neighborhood impact.
  5. glisan-version-2

  6. Reinforcement of “Workforce Housing Requirements” for new developments north of Glisan.
  7. Recommendation to bring forward to the TWG group for Glisan Bike Lanes 47th -56th. There are two slides attached. Action Item: decide which would be a preferred configuration to move forward to discuss at the TWG group.


One thought on “North Tabor Land Use/Transportation Agenda: October 7th meeting

  1. October 7th can be held at the Laurelhurst Cafe at 47th and Burnside. The 14th I am looking for a place with more room for maps.

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