Issues with Providence employees parking in the neighborhood?

From neighbor James Parker:

Cars of (suspected) Providence employees parked on streets in your neighborhood?

ElderPlace shuttles using residential streets for their routes?

Call 503-215-0615.

Same number as ever, but Providence is making an all-out effort to end those practices.

At a meeting of January 8, Dave Bodine, Providence’s representative on the Transportation Working Group that includes the North Tabor and Laurelhurst neighborhood associations, reported that his office has been tracking parking violations—about 7 a month were reported by neighbors last year—especially in the vicinity of 53rd and Glisan. And, his office has been dealing with offenders as well as getting out the word to employees about the hospital’s policy.

His office has also instructed shuttle drivers to avoid using 45th between Glisan and Burnside.

Neighbors in both locations have noticed the improvements. Thank you, Providence.

But Providence can respond only if we call 503-215-0615 when we see a problem.


One thought on “Issues with Providence employees parking in the neighborhood?

  1. That is nice of Providence. I do, however, remind myself that these are public streets and street parking so it’s not a surprise that the public uses them. Just a thought.

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