FREE Spay/Neuter Services in February for Feral and Stray Cats!

FREE Spay/Neuter Services in February for Feral and Stray Cats!


Portland, OR —The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon (FCCO) is offering FREE spay/neuter services for feral and stray cats at its Portland clinic this February in honor of Spay/Neuter Awareness Month. Now is the perfect time to spay/neuter all cats to prevent litters of kittens in the spring, plus to curb unwanted tom cat behaviors like spraying and fighting.

People who are feeding feral or stray cats qualify for this special offer, regardless of income or where they live. Services include spay/neuter surgery, vaccines, flea treatment, antibiotics, pain relief medication and an ear-tip for identification. Surgeries are performed by licensed veterinarians and supported through generous donations from the community.

FCCO also has humane live traps available to catch cats that are too wild to be handled. Many caregivers who bring cats to FCCO’s clinics have never trapped a cat before, but with training from FCCO staff members a vast majority catch every cat they’re feeding.

The nonprofit’s goal is to spay/neuter at least 450 stray and feral cats in February. Since its founding in 1995, the clinic has spayed/neutered more than 72,000 cats.

WHO: Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, a nonprofit spay/neuter clinic for stray and feral cats
WHAT: FREE-bruary Spay/Neuter Special for feral and stray cats
WHEN: February (Weekday clinics held typically Wednesday – Friday. Sunday clinic held on Feb. 15)
WHERE: FCCO’s North Portland clinic, located near the Legacy Emanuel Hospital
CONTACT: 503-797-2606 or
WHY: Spay/Neuter Awareness Month is an annual campaign by the Humane Society of the United States that highlights the importance of spay/neuter programs to prevent pet overpopulation.


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