North Tabor Land Use/Transportation Agenda: February 10th meeting

North Tabor Land Use/Transportation Agenda: February 10th meeting

Please note that this month’s LU/T meeting has been moved back a week. Committee Chair Terry Dublinski-Milton will be available at the normal meeting time/date of February 3rd at 6:30pm at Laurelhurst Cafe should anyone have questions or would like to pick his brain about committee issues.

Subsequent meetings will take place at the newly renovated New Heights Physical Therapy Plus building (previously known as Montavilla Sheet Metal) at 5736 NE Glisan. The meetings will take place on the first Tuesday of the month from 6:30-8:00pm

February Agenda:

1) Call for items of concern for neighbors
2) Going over the comprehensive plan’s general, and specific statements….is there anything we missed? There has been new information posted as of Jan 30th, I’ll update.
3) Fossil Fuel exports and specifically oil/compressed gas trains going through the gulch, shall we go on record in the comprehensive letter as being against them, and make a strong statement that the planning rules do everything in their power to limit and eliminated these from the gulch. I will have background information to go over so we know the risks.
4) Placemaking and North Tabor, renaming the “MAX station to the North Tabor Station” as a placemaking tool. Renaming 60th as posted last month let us talk about it.
5) Discussion of congestion pricing of the freeway long term, the impacts to the neighborhood, and inclusion in the letter.


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