North Tabor Vision Zero Comprehensive Plan Testimony

North Tabor Vision Zero Comprehensive Plan Testimony

The following was sent to PBOT and basically everyone that has to do with land use and transportation in the city. Thanks must go to our LU/T chair, Terry Dublinski-Milton, who has been the driving force in getting all this done. We’re so lucky to have such an amazing leader on our board!

Attention: Planning and Sustainability Commission, City of Portland Officials, PBOT, Planners, NA members and other interested parties
Re: TSP/Comprehensive Plan endorsements from the Board of the North Tabor Neighborhood Association

The documents enclosed are the North Tabor Neighborhood Association’s recommendations for the TSP, North Tabor Vision Zero, the North Tabor Promenade, Sullivan’s Gulch and parking management to support our land use and affordability documents submitted on Jan 21st. As our neighborhood grows into a dense, active transportation focused community, we need a safe and efficient transportation system to support it. North Tabor Vision Zero we feel will accomplish this. We have included multiple endrosements from multiple neighborhood associations along the projects interacting with North Tabor to network our entire community together.

As the ONLY neighborhood in the city without a developed park, school or community center: we have also included place-making recommendations including the development of a North Tabor Promenade as a community based alternative to a traditional central park. These documents are the accumulation of a year’s worth of outreach and public process. As a board that is one third renters with an average age of 35, we as a community want to grow into a dense, but liveable, safe, SUSTAINBILE and affordable community over the next generation.

This was passed UNANIMOUSLY by the Board of the North Tabor Neighborhood Association,

Thank you for your time and efforts and feel free to contact me with any questions, needed clarifications or concerns

Greenway Gaps-TSP Project Endorsements NE SEUL

North Tabor Promenade


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