The Neighborhood Mediation Program can help with conflict

The Neighborhood Mediation Program can help with conflict

Resolutions Northwest Neighborhood MediationResolutions Northwest Neighborhood Mediation Program (503-595-4890) is a confidential, voluntary and free service which helps neighbors have productive conversations and work out peaceful solutions to everyday conflicts.

Resolutions Northwest offers neighborhood mediation at no cost to residents living or working in the City of Portland. The program is funded primarily through a grant with the City of Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement. Phone conversations with the mediator and the discussions during a mediation meeting are kept confidential by Resolutions Northwest: no information is shared with any person or agency without your consent. Mediation is a voluntary process: all parties choose whether they want to participate.

Neighborhood mediation grew out of the social and political movements of the 1960s to empower community members to resolve their own disputes, rather than take it to the slow and expensive court system. People are often unaware that something is a problem for others and having code enforcement take action can negatively affect neighbor relations. You may want to first consider addressing your neighbor or another property owner on a personal, neighbor-to-neighbor basis or with the help of a neighborhood mediator.

If you are interested in this approach, please feel free to contact Resolutions Northwest to see how they can help.


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