Greenscaping North Tabor

Greenscaping North Tabor

From the desk of Terry Dublinski-Milton, our Land Use and Transportation chair:


Every year the Graduate students in the Masters of Urban sand Regional Planning at PSU take on planning projects from around the region. As an internationally renowned academic planning institution, some of these projects have been award winning documents leading to great communities.

Last week I submitted an application for “Greenscaping North Tabor.” It is a very competitive process, but the students pick which applications interest them to pursue. The idea I had was to take all the working parts of the comprehensive plan that could be built in our neighborhood (comment your support for them here: ) and use them to fix some of our longstanding neighborhood problems: as in our car-oriented development pattern along our main streets and our lack of a park or school to focus the neighborhood. In the comprehensive plan the western end of our neighborhood is considered park poor, and the eastern end only has Rosemont Bluff natural area. As a neighborhood that will experience significant infill development over the next generation, to keep our livability we need to concurrently build out park space as North Tabor becomes more dense.

If selected, “Greenscaping North Tabor” will take all of these transportation projects, the institutional and mixed use planning projects, our lack of park space and gentrification risks and integrate these in a way that transforms North Tabor over the next generation into a world class neighborhood leader in sustainability and livability, while creating anti-displacement strategies in the process so we remain affordable for the majority of Portlanders.

Photo provided by Flickr user Deciare under Creative Commons License


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