North Tabor General Meeting Agenda: Tuesday, March 18

North Tabor General Meeting Agenda: Tuesday, March 18

meeting signMarch 18, 2014, 6:30-8:30PM
5600 NE Glisan
All are welcome.

Pizza and Social Time 6:30-6:45

1 Introductions (5 minutes)

2 Approval of Minutes/treasury report (5 minutes) [Gail/Krys]

3 Discussion/Advertising of Neighborhood Clean Up with MTNA (5 minutes) [Moonrose]

4 Presentation requesting possible gift to the Mt Tabor Summer Concert series (5 minutes) [Roger Warren]

5 Report back on Board Retreat (5 minutes) [Dana]

6 What do we want as a Neighborhood for print media? The future of the North Tabor Newspaper: do we go completely digital, resurrect the newspaper with new volunteers, or something in between? (10 minutes) [Krys]

7 Neighborhood Visioning and Transportation survey, The Comprehensive Plan and the Future of North Tabor, what does it mean for us? More General Neighborhood Input wanted! (10 minutes) [Terry]

8 The 60th street MAX Stop Radial Improvements Funding support letters (5 Minutes) [Terry]

9 The High Crash Corridor Program and East Burnside
Presentation by PBOT followed by Terry, North Tabor’s Transportation co-chair, followed by discussion. (45 minutes) [PBOT/Terry]

10 Social Time…Get to know your neighbors! (15 minutes)


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