Road work on NE Halsey to start on Sept. 16

Road work on NE Halsey to start on Sept. 16

NE halsey

According to PBOT:

“Please be aware that Halsey will be ground down and re-striped starting on September 16th from 60th – 70th. The work is supposed to last for two weeks and will result in a two-lane roadway east of 60th, converting existing pro-time parking to full-time parking.”

Halsey Construction

Last May outreach was done that this stretch would have bike lane access so those of us “in the Pocket” north of Glisan would have safer access to the north, including the local playground at Rose City Park. This decision was changed sometime this summer due to the “need for a public process” as four parking spaces would need to be removed between NE 65th and 66th, but we as a neighborhood were not notified in time to offer our input. These ten blocks of paving, according to the project engineering, is also not technically correct as the overpass itself will not be repaved as it is an ODOT facility. Hence, they will be repaving from 60th to 67th, not the overpass, then paving another block or two to the east as they did not coordinate with ODOT (see the image, left, with the roadway construction highlighted in purple).

Please avoid the area for the next two weeks until the project is completed, Thanks.

Terry Dublinski-Milton NTNA Transportation and Land Use Chair


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